End of Leg 1 -- heading south now

Written by Karin Sigloch on jeudi, 11 octobre 2012. Posted in Cruise 2012

8 October 2012

The first leg of our cruise ended today.

20121009 01 EquipeLeg1 J2Z0192

 The first leg of our cruise ended today. As the Marion Dufresne approached La Réunion in the morning, visibility of the 3000 m high volcanic island was excellent. Our dream is to image equally clearly to 3000 km depth. (Photo: Nicolas Villeneuve)


20121009 02 SAM 0968

Entering Le Port and relieved to see that the large harbor machines were working. We had arrived one day early just to avoid another harbor strike tomorrow.

20121009 03 SAM 1005

 In the early evening, we had to say farewell to 11 colleagues, who had been interested mainly in exploring the region around the Mascarene islands. Leg 2 will consist of a 7000 km long round to the far south of the islands. Six new colleagues came onboard, among them the French OBS team with another 9 seismometers.


20121009 04 MD depart SAM 0998

All unloading and loading got done in time. We left the harbor late in the evening, happy to get back onto the ocean.



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